February 25, 2011

So, I guess winter is back. We got a lot of snow this week, it’s quite lovely and I strategically dropped my car off at my parents house so I wouldn’t have to worry about parking it downtown somewhere and then have to dig it out. I mind the snow a lot less when I’m not driving around in it. I sure don’t mind the beautiful sun coming through my windows this morning though. I just had to take a few photos. I love this little corner of our apartment…even though the windows are really old and let in a lot of not-so balmy air.


We had a great Cathedral Pearls band practice last night with out new bass player, Max. We are hustling to try to get ready for a show on March 11th. I’m a little nervous about being ready, but I’m excited to be playing music again. I feel so blessed to be playing music with Max and Caleb, they are uber talented guys. It’s also encouraging how many requests we are getting from people to play shows.

Have a great weekend everyone!