book making
February 9, 2011

In college I took a few quarters of printmaking. My teacher, who was amazing, was really into the idea of book making. She had a guest teacher come in a few times to teach us about some different techniques, styles and the right tools. I was studying print design at the time and really became quite obsessed with this idea of making my own books. I rediscovered a few of them this week and thought I would show. I’ve made a lot of different types, they really are quite easy to make and I love to crafty possibilites of different types of covers or using different papers for the interior pages. Because of the printmaking class I was taking, I had a lot of fancy printing paper left over and lots of scrap mat board from my design courses. Those two ingredients plus random flowery fabric from thrift stores and bam! You have yourself some cutesy journals, photo albums or quote books. Multi-page birthday or holiday cards are also a fun idea too. I even made the cover for my design portfolio. Employers in Spokane haven’t taken that too seriously, but I did show my portfolio to one of the creative directors at Starbucks Corporate and he was quite fond of the idea…so take that, Spokane!

This book is one of my favorites. My first and only group of roommates were an amazing bunch of girls. We made this quote book when we moved in together and it is full of hilarious content that brings me right back to those silly times. I totally recommend quote books, they are excellent for keeping memories.

Maybe I will do a demo post about books! Caleb and I could use an apartment quote book.