October 15, 2012

If you’ve been around in Spokane, you have seen some new little shops and restaurants opening up. Boots is one of those shops that has made a quiet but quickly growing impact. ¬†They feature vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free bistro style menu that changes daily. Good coffee, classic cocktails and delicious desserts are also available and the space is decorated with original art. It really is a wonderful and unique addition to Spokane’s downtown atmosphere.


They called me about a month ago to help them with a logo as they weren’t feeling like their original logo ended up fitting the vibe of the space. I was really excited to try my hand at something especially because I love how the space is put together with lots of art, antique tidbits and reclaimed wood. The following are the different ideas I had…




And this last one in blue is the final version. I’m excited to see it painted on the windows soon and start to make an appearance in the shop. Thanks to Allison and Dan for having me be a part of their process! Be sure to stop by and visit for some treats at 24 W. Main near Zola.