Christmas Party
December 22, 2011

My husband and I love to have friends over and our little house is just perfectly shaped for entertaining guests. The kitchen is huge and our dining room/living room are connected to make a great big space for guests to hang out and eat food.

So, for Christmas this year we knew we wanted to have some friends over in festive holiday style. I’ve been working all week on food, drinks, favors and trying to keep the house clean. My friend, Heather came over and helped me bake all day yesterday. She lives in London and has a little baking business so I let her do her thing with some Gingerbread cupcakes (yum!). It was so fun to just bake one thing after another! A warm, delicious smelling kitchen is the best.





I also put together some little favors for guests that I might release as prints to sell next Christmas. Christmas cards are always on the back burner for me and I finally got to them yesterday! Now I’m off to write in them…fortunately most will be for local friends and family that I can hand deliver because I may just be a little bit past the mailing deadline.




I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas weekend and gets to enjoy the company of friends and family. Merry Christmas!