DIY Christmas Decor Details
December 12, 2011

I’m kind of old school when it comes to Christmas decor. I see lots of DIY ideas and they don’t entice me much. I love DIY wrapping paper and making Christmassy art to go in frames, but I really just love standard thrifty 50’s era decorations. Part of it might be that the things I would rather spend my time during the holidays doing are baking, playing Christmas music and shopping or watching Christmas movies. But I think I also have attachment to how my grandma on my dad’s side used to decorate. Just lots of cheesy, shiny, tinselly stuff. She even would wrap her family pictures to look like presents. Haha, I won’t go that far. But if my house could just feel like the ending sequence in White Christmas, I would be happy. I would even love to have one of those totally crazy huge red dresses!


All that said, I did a couple little DIY details.


#1 I repurposed the “Merry Christmas” garland I made last year to fit in a little picture frame. It’s just the letters cut out and strung on some embroidery floss. Super easy!


#2 I bought a bunch of starched, crocheted snowflakes and strung them from the ceiling over the dining room table. Also very easy! You can find them at any antique store.


#3 I used some little floral frogs to hold tiny christmassy drawings. Cute! I love tiny drawings and they can be difficult to find frames for. So, this way you don’t have to frame them. I even had one floral frog that’s green…so perfect. These are great as an addition to any shelf display.











Hope you are enjoying your own Christmas decorating adventures!