In the spirit of this Thanksgiving week I thought I would share one of my crafty projects I’m doing for the dinner I’m hosting. I grew up with my immediate family doing more buffet style meals where people dish up and grab plates in the kitchen and then sit to eat together. My mom was never big in to fancy table settings or centerpieces or anything like that. My grandma on the other hand is. Even last night we went to eat at a casual dinner at her house and we had autumn napkins and there was a lovely centerpiece and the whole house should have been photographed for Better Homes and Gardens Autumn issue or something. Definitely a very different aesthetic than I go for, but I have taken after my grandmother in the crafty-hostess side of life. That leads me to this week. I’ve been trying to think of ways to set the table for Thanksgiving that make it special and make my guests feel special. I think that is one of the most wonderful things about hosting. You get a chance to bless the people that come into your home and make them feel cherished and part of a unique gathering. It is really a joy.


I have never done place cards before but I’ve always wanted to, and I think they can be very smart if you have some new friends joining a group where everyone already knows each other. It gives you a chance to make sure the talkative people in the group are evenly spaced so no one gets left out of conversation.


Here’s what you need: Vintage postcards cut in half (I used a bunch of black and white ones with photos of paris that I already had), Buttons, names printed out, scissors, double sided tape and floral frogs (you can’t find these at the northside Michael’s because I bought all that they had left, sorry! but antique stores or other craft stores might have them).



It’s a pretty simple craft, I didn’t even use glue because I might try to reuse the postcards if I can get the buttons and names off without ruining them.



You can kind of dictate how colorful or festive you want them to be depending on the color of paper, style of postcards and the buttons. And the font can be something fun to mess around with too…handwritten ones would definitely work.




Also, I scalloped the edges on the ones for the ladies in the group.


Anyways, hope you enjoyed this little craft. And I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and get to enjoy a lovely dinner with friends/family. It really is one of my favorite holidays.