Domestic Bliss
June 11, 2012

Being a home owner has been so lovely. We lived in our house for about 8 months before we purchased it (which I totally recommend…it’s like a test drive), so nothing is really “new” but there’s something special about it being ours. We’ve gotten really into yard work and have started doing some work on the house. I’ve never really liked yard work much until now. For some reason lately it has been the most soothing activity. For someone who spends most of their time in front of a screen processing lots of deadlines and projects all at once, it is a really refreshing task to get my hands dirty in the flower beds. It clears my mind an enables me to take a moment to just focus on the task at hand. Not to mention a little time away from technology is good for all of us.
Fortunately, our yard had some pretty awesome landscaping to begin with. So all I’ve really needed to do is weed and plant a few things here and there. As you can see below…we have some pretty mature perennials like the day-lilies that are as tall as me. We have irises, tulips, roses (which have a nasty case of powder mildew right now), alliums, daisy’s and many more fully grown plants including a clematis in the back yard that is trying to take over the house and a raspberry bush that I’m very excited to harvest some deliciousness from soon.
We’ve also been doing some painting. Starting off slow on the home improvement projects. And Caleb has been taking on some ambitious DIY building tasks…featured below is his incredibly awesome entertainment center where each item has it’s own little compartment.
Mostly we are having fun and dreaming of lots of future projects. I’ve got my eye out for some fun wallpaper for the kitchen!