Draw Off
July 9, 2012

I was asked last minute to fill in on a Draw Off team. Draw Off is a live three on three art battle that Seven2 puts on. This time it was hosted by Baroque Network during their Gypsy Nights event. I got to join an awesome team of ladies and we had a great time. It was definitely out of my comfort zone a bit to do something like this, but I’m glad I got to participate and even though we didn’t win, I really like how our piece turned out.


Super awesome designer team! = Chelsea Hendrickson, myself and Ali Blackwood

The original rough sketch I worked up. As you will see, it was tough for me to replicate it exactly on such a large scale in a hurry! And working in reverse also made things difficult because there’s is no going back once you paint that black background in.

And a little shot of the final as the girls were tidying the last few strokes.

The theme for the piece was Gypsy. Ali came up with the old gypsy saying and the owl with the tambourine which we thought would be perfect. We ended up doing a border around the piece that was meant to portray the back of a gypsy wagon with it’s wood carved flourishes.

Be sure to check out the Draw Off site where you will be able to see the screen cast of our battle and buy a print! And…if you are an artist, you should think about volunteering your skills. It’s a great way to meet other artists and try a new team oriented challenge.