First Draw: Bon Iver
June 9, 2011

This morning as I began to listen to Bon Iver’s new record on NPR’s First Listen, I was inspired. Bon Iver has been a mobilizing agent in my work since March of 2008 when I discovered For Emma Forever Ago. I even wrote on this very blog that very month…before it was my art blog,

I rarely become completely obsessed with an individual artist or album and usually when I do it’s really intense and doesn’t last more than a few months. But I’m considering calling this current one a “musical infatuation.” I can’t even describe the love I have for the music this man has created. Literally, obsessed. 

And I believe at the time I was working on my robot illustration project for the Inlander. I would listen to that album on repeat and the obsession lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. I think his music is so inspiring because of it’s beauty and how soothing it is. Even if I’m working under a stressful deadline or a challenging project, it calms my nerves and takes me to a place of creativity.

This all leads me to today’s piece of artwork inspired by my first full listen to Bon Iver’s new album. Gosh it’s beautiful, to actually fully depict the beauty visually, which I think the album artwork does well, you would need to spend months on a masterpiece. This is just a quick sketch where I tried to represent that serene, almost surreal place of beauty I find in this album.

I’m also really excited because I think this will be one of my new consistent additions to the blog…”First Draw.” I love the idea of art being inspired organically by music. Literally, only taking the time it takes to listen to an album and just going for it without any previous brainstorming and letting the music move you to create something. I would love to accept guest artists on this too, so if you there’s a new album coming out that you are excited about and you want to try it, just shoot me an email!

Listen to Bon Iver on NPR’s First Listen.