flash attack
June 1, 2011

I’m not sure what possessed me to do this, but I’m taking a Flash programming training course that a company called Seven2 and their sister company 14Four are putting on. I have a few friends that work at Seven2 who told me about it and I was curious, so I went ahead and applied. The two teachers running it are so so so smart. I feel like a little finger-painting aficionado attending a class on rocket science. Ha! But it has been a wonderful opportunity to learn some new skills and meet some new people.

This week we worked on making a shooting gallery game. I had some fun illustrating mine, it’s not quite worth showing you the whole game because it’s pretty elementary so far. The idea was to keep the little birds from the pies, but essentially you just click on them to get your score to go up to 500…kinda boring. But soon I hope to wow you with some actually fun flash games!



Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! If you are in Spokane tomorrow night, think about going to see the guy in the video above, Allen Stone, at the knitting factory…he’s pretty incredible and the show is free.