Introducing Rachael Becker
February 6, 2013

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but I have an intern! Over last summer I thought a lot about the idea of bringing on a student intern to help me with little projects. I thought back about when I was in school and imagined it would have been really nice to work under someone for a while who was doing their own thing with design and had some mentoring to offer me about how to make a freelance business successful. How to work with clients, how to get work, how to process invoicing, etc, etc. Everyone kind of figures out their own process along the way, which I had to do. But some kind of alternative mentoring would have been awesome. Well, here I am running a freelance business, working with clients and staying very busy. I came to the decision that an internship with me could not only help me with little things here and there, but also really be beneficial to a student. AND FUN! So, I spoke to one of my professors from the community college where I studied design and not long after that I got in touch with Rachael. She’s been working with me for about a month now and I couldn’t be happier! I’m having a great time and she is doing a beautiful job with each project I’ve given her. I can’t wait to show off some of the designs she’s working on.


Rachael is a 2nd year graphic design student as Spokane Falls Community College. She has a background in photography, a love for hand made things and an entrepreneurial spirit. What I’ve seen so far of her design aesthetic is clean, well balanced and has illustrative/organic elements. Here’s a little interview we put together for you to get to know here a little better. You will be seeing more of her work in the next few months…
Where are you from?
Im originally from Rapid City, South Dakota. My dad was in the military so we moved a lot but luckily he retired when I was pretty young and I’ve been here in Spokane since 2003.
What interested you in studying design?
In high school I became interested in Photography. I was given a camera for my birthday and never put it down. It was my high school Digital Media teacher that told me about the Graphic Design program at SFCC. He was the one that put the bug in my ear. Before that, I had never considered being a designer. I had always wanted to be an elementary school teacher. My first year at the Falls consisted of classes that lead me down the teaching road. In my free time, I continued taking pictures and signed up for a color and design class at school. I quickly realized that I really loved art. As soon as I could I applied for the Graphic Design program.
Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 12.27.10 PM
What is your current favorite font?
I recently used Great Vibes for a logo. It’s a nice font that has a handmade quality to it. (font shown above)
You take photos, what inspires you the most about photography?
The thing I love most about photography is capturing a moment in time and being able to remember it for years to come. I love looking back at a photo and being able to tell the story that went with it.
What is an aspect of graphic design that gets you the most excited?

As a new designer I am still exploring different styles and finding myself. Right now, I love finding free tutorials and new inspiration. Coming across a new tool that makes my work better is always exciting. I’m all about trying to find the fastest most efficient way.
What’s your dream job?
I am already doing what I love by designing everyday. So my dream job has to do with the environment and the people I work with. There needs to be lots of collaboration and people that I feel comfortable bouncing ideas off of. I would want to work in an open, bright, relaxing space.
What’s your favorite color?
My favorite color has always been blue, a light blue or a teal. It’s calm, peaceful, clean, and reminds me of spring.
What do you hope to learn from interning with me?
I hope to better understand the inner workings that come with freelancing. I also want to learn more about the process between the thumbnail version and the final draft. I have been really inspired by all the work you create by hand and would love to incorporate that aspect of design into some of my pieces.
( Here’s some more of Rachael’s photos. I especially love her shots of animals. )