So, if you are connected to Krochet Kids at all, you probably saw a bunch of stuff going around on Facebook and Twitter a few weeks ago asking you to vote for them. Well, that whole thing was to get them to win an award in the Chase Giving Awards. And it worked!! They won in their category of “Community Builders” and got second place overall in the award ceremony…going home with $500,000 for new projects.
The whole awards program was really amazing, seeing so many people’s stories of how they impact the world and work so hard to help others. But, it was extra special to see friends of mine and an organization that I’ve done design for in the past win such a high profile award.
I’ve always been inspired by Kohl, Travis and Stewart and their fearless passion. They approach their dreams with incredible zeal just kind of assuming that really…they can do ANYTHING. The doubters and the haters fall away and here they are running an incredible organization that they started from scratch. They employ ALL THESE WOMEN! Just look at that list and think about it for a second. WOW.



Ok, so let’s be honest, it was pretty fun to see a logo I designed* on national tv. That has never happened before!

So, if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping…head over to their site and pick a few things. It comes with a great story, a great cause and their products are beautiful. Trust me…I have like 30 hats.
*My work on the logo was more of a re-design, my friend Karl Peterson did the initial back to back k’s for the guys when they were in High School. Later on, when they became a real non-profit I added the circle, the “intl.” and picked out some new fonts. You can find the other stuff I helped them out with in my portfolio. Now they rock a killer in-house design team headed up by Brad Holdgrafer.