Lady Cannon Album Art: Two
February 15, 2012

I posted some of the initial comps for this project a while back, you can look at them here. And I finally submitted files for print so I thought I would share the end result.





Martha, the band’s leader was so great to work with. She really enjoyed my work on “The Breaking of Our Days” album art and wanted me to draw some of the color scheme from that on this artwork. I ended up using a pretty similar process on this cover. Drawing the line-work in ink and then hand-painting the background. I love how it turned out and I’m very excited to get my own copy! The music is super unique, mazzy-star-esque chill indie rock with kind of a home-grown country vibe.




I’ve got a couple other fun projects I’m just about finished with that I will be sharing soon and I landed a pretty sweet gig with Nordstrom rebranding one of their women’s shoe lines! It’s definitely my most high-profile gig so far and it’s been so fun to work on. I just love having such a mash up of clients, I’m always getting to try new things and learn so much about how to provide the best images I can.