Well, the last 30 days of our Indiegogo campaign for The Bartlett have been amazing. The response to what we are trying to do has been ridiculously positive. We’ve been so humbled and surprised and excited and overwhelmed and honored by people’s generosity and sincerity. Honestly, we were hopeful for this fundraiser but we also knew the reality of doing something like this during Christmas and that it could go either way.
We believe even more now in Spokane and the future for what we are doing. We feel the city and our community behind us cheering us on and we know that The Bartlett can be an amazing force for bringing more art and music into our city. The music scene here is amazing, there is and always has been a very talented community of musicians. Adding a venue like this to the already vibrant scope of talent can and will be such a catapult into putting Spokane on the map in the Northwest as a place where great bands start and even stay to build their careers. This is our dream. We believe a venue like this in the hands of two young, creative entrepreneurs (us) who sincerely care about the betterment of the musicians and artists can be a very powerful thing for the community.
That being said, we still haven’t reached our goal, we are so close and anything can happen in one day. There is power in us coming together to accomplish a goal. We’ve already seen it and it is life changing to know what can come of positivity and enthusiasm for the future.
Contribute here and get some amazing music, a tshirt, stickers and more.


Love the Music