Oh, life…
March 3, 2011

Life is just always crazy it seems. It’s never what I expect it to be and never what I’m determined to make it, but always something glorious and challenging and full of unique blessings. My career life over the past year has been the biggest mess: I’ve been unemployed, laid off, interviewed but never hired and my favorite…employed at a shoe store where all my coworkers thought I had weird style. They would often say stuff like…”Oh I would NEVER wear that…but I guess you can pull it off.”



I think between the two of us, Caleb and I had like eight W2’s from 2010. Haha…absolute chaos. But here I am, daily getting to do what I love. I didn’t ask for it this way, nor did I know I wanted it…but here it is and I’m loving it!


I’ve been looking at a lot of my recent designs and realizing my palette is SOOO desaturated. Probably because the world around me is so bland. Today I worked hard at pushing myself into some brighter colors…still kind of muted, but we will get there eventually. Cheers!!