peas in a pod
February 8, 2011


Hopefully this post doesn’t make anyone gag. I really used to hate valentines day. One year in fact, I went and saw There Will be Blood on valentines day…by myself. Ha.


But I guess I’ve had a change of heart. Caleb and I haven’t done anything really that eventful on valentines day since we met. But I like the idea of celebrating love. We went and saw Blue Valentine last night and felt really thankful for our relationship afterwards. The movie was great in some ways. Very honest and reflective. We couldn’t help leaving without looking at our own actions and how we treat each other. A good view of how anyone can become oblivious to who they have developed into as a person. It’s a scary thing that no one is immune to.


Anyways, that went in a depressing direction I wasn’t intending. I wanted to just say that I’m excited for my first married valentines day. Because love is important to celebrate!


In other news…our wedding was featured on another cute little wedding blog! Check out the post here.