Phoebe Hunt
February 20, 2012

One of my recent clients is a musician from Austin that has performed with a few different acts and is now releasing a solo record. She’s got a sweet, soulful voice and her new material is a little rootsy but has some more refined pop elements.


Here’s video of her (on the right) with another group. Love the harmonies!


Originally direction for the cover was illustrative and a portrait based on some images I was provided with. I had a lot of fun working on the original comps and even though they never moved past rough stages, I still like them a lot.




After comps, we ended up completely changing direction of the cover. I try to prevent this when working on a project but sometimes it just happens. I totally know the feeling of wanting it to just be perfect. In the studio, making a record you do everything you can to make every little bit perfect and you want the art representing that to be absolutely in line. So, Phoebe was honest with me and even though she liked the comps said she wanted something more retro, dreamy, 70’s folk. She referred to Carol King’s Tapestry cover and I took another swing at it. The result was much more simple but I think it represents the music well and the client loves it. Here’s what we ended up with. Front and back cover, which she wanted to resemble a record sleeve with all the credits on the back.