May 21, 2012

Recently I’ve had a few really fun poster projects. When I got asked to do this one for terrible buttons, I spent some time listening to their tunes and really tried to stretch out stylistically. Their music is dark and eerie but definitely has some rootsy tones. I feel like I’m often known as a really “girly” designer, which definitely can be true. I do like drawing flowers. But for this project I had fun trying something quite a bit different.



The Terrible Buttons poster will be up at Brews on Washington for the month of June as a part of the Inlander’s local music Block Party. My band will also be opening for them on June 1st at Nyne starting around 8:00 PM. Should be a fun show.


This next poster was really fun in a totally different way. Aoife O’Donovan is a vocalist/songwriter in New York City. She’s the lead singer of the progressive bluegrass band, Crooked Still and was recently featured as the vocalist on an amazing album with Chris Thile (Nickel Creek, Punch Brothers) and Yo Yo Ma called The Goat Rodeo Sessions. I highly recommend checking out any and all of this music.


Aoife has an angelic voice. It’s wispy and powerful all at the same time. It has very gentle and sweet characteristics as well. So when I started working on a tour poster for her solo act, I wanted it to be eye-catching, bright and happy.



It’s such an honor and a blessing to get to design images for bands and musicians I admire locally and nationally. Thanks to all my clients and friends for the wonderfully kind referrals that lead to this kind of work.


In other news, I haven’t blogged for about a month and I honestly don’t know where May has gone! My husband and I just bought a house and went on vacation, so a big part of it has been that. We’ve already started working on some fun house projects that I will definitely be sharing. It’s been so fun to own our very first home and lots of work. You can follow me on instagram for house/yard pics, I’m definitely more consistently posting on there. @karliingersoll