Ribbon Font Giveaway
November 1, 2011

A lot of you might remember my Ribbon Font Type Tuesday from a while back. Well, it slowly moved it’s way up the Google ladder and is now #6 when you search “Ribbon Font.” I figured, since so many people are googling Ribbon Font and finding that little blog post, I’m sure a lot of people would enjoy actually having the whole font. So…I finished it! Well, mostly. The all lowercase version of it. You can check it out in the Custom Lettering section of my Portfolio.


I’m happy to offer this little doodad of a font to all of you! For FREE! All you have to do is help me out with one tiny thing.


Since Rough Gems. is now in a new location, I need everyone’s help to tell the world I’ve moved! Click on any blog post, it can be this one or one of your past favorites and share the post using one of the share buttons to the left. Then, comment below what you think you might use Ribbon Font for. I’m pretty excited to use it for birthday cards.


Comments have been closed on this Giveaway. But you aren’t too late! Ribbon font is available to all. Just click the link below to proceed to the free download. Thanks for participating!