Scott Ryan: Album Art
August 9, 2011

Back in November of last year, my husband and I flew to LA. We went there to help Scott Ryan, Caleb’s brother, start recording a new album. The recording continued through the winter in LA without us and then Scott and his wife flew up here to Spokane to finish recording this spring. Somewhere in the process Scott asked me if I would design the album cover. Of course I said yes and now, several months later…here we are!



I think doing projects for family is probably the most difficult. I always seem to feel more pressure the closer the person is to me that I’m working for. Not that I don’t care about all of my clients in an equal artistic manner…but for some reason, when family hires me I get a little tense. Needless to say I felt like we had a rough start and I had to work hard to get through some of my own artistic blocks on this project. I felt like it was definitely a collaborative art-directed process. Even Caleb, who mixed and co-produced the album gave a lot of input and help. This art has become one of my favorite pieces I have had the opportunity to work on. I kind of feel like I am standing at the top of a slayed dragon or something.



So, I’m ultra excited to share it with you and for you to very soon hear the great music. I’m so proud of Caleb, Scott and all of the incredible musicians who were a part of this record. It is so full of talent and creativity and it’s wonderful to join with a family of musicians and artists from LA. Brandon Shaw, owner of ThinkMusic (another one of my clients) is the bass player in Scott’s band. And all the other guys in the band have become great/inspiring friends and fellow artists. Not to mention Juliann (my sister-in-law), who always lends so much support and encouragement to everything her family endeavors. Thanks to everyone for letting me be a part of this great work!
The album will be a digital release to begin with. But we prepared three panels, as if it were being printed for people to view the credits and tracklist. I’m really hoping it makes it to vinyl! (photo by TJ Taylor)



You can also see the matching website I designed for Scott Ryan here. Bookmark his bandcamp here for the upcoming release and like him on Facebook here for continued updates. Thanks for reading! I will definitely post again to remind you to listen to the album when it gets posted.