Some of you have probably seen the comment thread on my post from the other day. While it really ended up not having much to do with critique, it got me thinking about my blog and what it’s for.

Originally, it was for me and me alone. A place that inspires me to create more art for fun. When freelancing, or even having a full time design job, I have found myself never doing anything just for the sake of doing it. Art tends to become somewhat laborious when intertwined with money and deadlines. As I started to realize that people liked looking at my blog I started to use it as a place of promotion for my work and as a place of promotion for my clients (who rock!). More recently I have been inspired to use it also as a place to promote local/regional artists (musicians, illustrators, designers, etc).

I make no money from this blog and I don’t really want to. Because honestly, that would just make it another job. But I’m coming to you, my readers, because this has moved from being a blog solely for me to a blog halfway for me and halfway for you. I love it when people can enjoy my art…that’s the whole reason I share it.

So, I would like to know, what do you want to see more/less of? I have a pretty broad range of posts currently, is that a good thing or would you like to see me narrow things down? More guest artists? More inspiration posts? More music? Less promotion of my own design? Less writing, more writing? More critiques of things happening in the Spokane art scene? Joking, joking… 😉

Please feel free to speak honestly and anonymously if you choose. And I would specifically like to hear from people who have been reading for a while. You know who you are!