SpoCUP Coffee Crawl 2012
September 27, 2012

I’ve been doing some branding work with Indaba, which I’m really excited about. They are a small coffee bar in the west central neighborhood doing amazing work and spearheading a lot of local coffee events. It’s been amazing to see some great coffee culture around town with several new shops adopting some of the popular trends in coffee like multi-roaster selection, pour over bars, and just overall raised levels of quality. There’s even been a Thursday Night Throwdown happening each month.


One of the big events Indaba is putting together is Spokane’s first Coffee Crawl. And since I’ve recently connected with them on design work, they asked me to roll out some marketing materials and designs for the event. It’s been a blast working on it and there’s so many positive Spokane vibes going around with the event and with coffee, that I just went with the flow! Along with the poster, I’ll be doing a tshirt and a commemorative coffee passport/map for the event. Excited to continue the fun illustration style.