tartlet glory
May 9, 2011

This weekend was my mom’s graduation (awesome right? fifty and beginning a new career!) and we were having a dessert party for her in celebration. I thought it would be a perfect time to try something new in the kitchen! Now, I must admit…this was not an instant success. It did take me two tries on the crust, which has to be pre-baked. The first try was mostly a failure. The crust recipe I used was a pastry/pie crust that has extra butter (yum!) and powdered sugar. So, the first time was ultimately a failure because my butter melted, and for all you pie aficionados out there you know better than me that this is the worst thing that can happen in the crust making process. But, because of the extra butter and sugar…the crust ended up tasting like a shortbread cookie! Ha! Still yummy, just not a good tart crust. 🙁

The next day I was determined and with all of my mental notes in store, I tried again.

I went to buy tartlet tins and I just couldn’t resist the petit fours tins also. Aren’t they adorable?

My little pre-baked shells. I had a hard time keeping the edges from cooking too fast on some of them. Especially on the tartlets. I know, I know it’s the artist in me wanting them to look perfect!

Lemon-curd filling…yum.

Is your mouth watering yet? Because mine is! I may just have to make some more.

Recipes came from a cookbook you should buy here. It’s an amazing book fully illustrated with photographs which is awesome if you have no experience at all (like me!). And all of the recipes are separated out, so for pies and tarts there is a whole section about different crusts and then a section about fillings and you can combine whatever recipes you want. I love having that creative freedom. It makes me feel like I’m more of an artist in the kitchen than a slave to a recipe. Yay for baking projects! Happy Monday to you all.