The Hoods opening was a few weeks ago now and the show is coming up on it’s end. I thought I would post a few photos in recap. The show will still be up over the weekend, so please feel free to stop at Bon Bon to see the art. You can also read about my process here and here and here and another post about it here.


This is a photo my friend Jens Larson took on opening night. I wasn’t able to be there as we were in California for a friend’s wedding, but I heard that it was packed the whole night and people really enjoyed it. Bon Bon is a little tiny for something like this and I think it was a little difficult to walk around to view the pieces without feeling like you were getting in someone’s way. I think it was a great starting place though and we were thankful to have the opportunity.

The rest of these photos were taken by Ben Fowler. He photographed the whole show for us, but here’s just a few shots of my pieces.


And here it is…the logo that I did for my sweet little “neighborhood” that I love so much. I tried to make it fun and quirky but still nod to it’s historic side. I think it’s nice and I plan to get my own tote bag and tshirt so I can sport my pride.


Looking back on how everything went I think we definitely did a couple things totally right. We obviously presented the show and the concept well, seeing as we got published in Spokane’s top news sources. Thanks to Jens Larson for killing it on PR stuff. We got people to see that design can be art especially in the sense that it is just as valuable in moving people into conversation just by it’s concept. The show as a whole really came together, it was cohesive and also diverse showing the range of each of our styles.
I can’t totally say this is my favorite of the show…because I really loved all the pieces. But this logo from Jesse Pierpoint, one of my favorite designers and artists around, is just wonderful. I love the custom typography and the reference to the original gazebo in the park. I would love to see Browne’s pick up this logo and start using it for neighborhood events and online blogs. I think that would be super cool.

Thanks everyone for all your support in this project! It’s been so so fun. Hopefully we will take some time soon to develop our ideas for the future of it. We have lots of other Spokane-loving projects brewing in our minds as well.