type tuesday: distressed
April 12, 2011

Today I thought I would post something more to the effects side of fonts. I love well distressed fonts and I’ve been practicing some new techniques thanks to some tips from this handy website. I love getting inside other designers practices. I always discover things I would never think to try on my own.
This first one features News Gothic DC D and an old photo of bob dylan.


This one is Alternate Gothic (one of my absolute favorite fonts at the moment) and I think the script is Aristocrat.



This one is a hand-drawn K that I distressed and had fun doodling over with my new wacom tablet.



In other Type Tuesday news, we have a wonderful guest artist coming up! Tommy Panigot aka NO THEFT will be joining us for TT later this month. I can’t wait. If any of you other artists have some inspiring font goodness that you would like to share…please email me at karliingersoll@gmail.com