Today is a very exciting day. For one, it’s Tuesday. Tuesday’s are always exciting. For two, I’m officially becoming a real grown up blog today. I’m featuring another artist! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and I chose type tuesday because I think a lot of my artistic friends have a lovely knack for type in lots of ways that I lack. And I really want TT to be well rounded and always exciting for all you blog viewers out there.


Now on to the important stuff. I think I remember meeting Tiffany Patterson a long time ago when I was in College at Spokane Falls. She took a lot of photography classes and I would see her around the different studios with funky cameras. Several years later I started seeing her art around town at cafes and galleries and on show posters sometimes. When I started Crunk Roost (a bimonthly music zine) I enlisted Tiffany as much as possible to help me with cool illustrations. She was an avid supporter of Crunk Roost. She continues to stay very busy as an artist doing work for publications, designing coloring books, working on shows and promoting art events in the area. Needless to say, she is an unstoppable force of amazing creativity. I love her fun animals, creative portraits, dreamy color-schemes and of course…her hand drawn type. So, without further ado, I present Tiffany Patterson’s original, glorious, all-caps font…GEMIFY!



You can view more of Tiffany’s artwork here and follow her blog here. And if you ever just want to bask in the glory of her art, head on over to Neato Burrito downtown where she has a giant mural of her art on the wall.  Thank you Tiffany, you are awesome!