Today I wanted to post about a project I just finished a couple of days ago. I won’t show the whole thing because I think the final printed product will deserve a photo shoot, but for now I have some images to share and a font I created for the project.


Dominik Baer is a good friend of mine who I met through his wife Anna, ( ). Anna and I became good friends when she lived in Spokane. We played lots of music together and spent many hours hanging out at Empyrean. Anna and Dominik now live in Germany and I miss them very much. I was excited to hear of Dominik’s new album and when he contacted me about helping out with the artwork, I was obviously grateful and willing. He had a great concept and lots of amazing ideas. It was a very fun collaborative project and I’m really excited about the final outcome.

(above) Final Album art.

The tracklist panel where I used a couple fonts I created for the layout based on the cover type.

Here’s the full hand-drawn alphabet I made for the tracklist and layout.

And here’s another panel from the inside of the packaging.
Album art projects are always wonderful adventures and this one was no different. Thanks to Anna and Dominik for taking me into their creative team to work on this art. I have loved every minute of it!