May 26, 2011

My friend Anna over at Olive Green Anna is on vacation and asked if I would do a guest feature on her blog. I decided to complete my kitchen drawing series with a new little drawing called “Makin’ Pies.” Here’s a preview! Follow Anna’s blog to catch the post.



I have some fun design projects I’ve been working on lately. Two very exciting album covers! Kevin Long’s highly anticipated album is almost complete and I am so happy to be working on the art for it. Kevin wanted something very iconic to Spokane and referenced the style of an illustration I did for the Inlander a few years ago. Here’s a little preview! Can’t wait to show the whole thing, but we will have to wait till the album comes out.



I’m also doing an album cover for my brother-in-law, Scott Ryan! Caleb and I have both participated a lot in his album recording process and the whole thing is coming out amazing.

AND…I haven’t started on it yet, but I’m stoked to be doing the album art for my friend Kimber’s kick-A all girl bluegrass band, Della Mae. They are some of the most talented ladies I have ever met and I love them so dearly. Austin Nevins, who plays guitar in Josh Ritter’s band is doing the engineering of the album. I can’t wait to hear it! That is one of the best privileges of doing album art…early previews of the tracks.

Seriously, exciting stuff! I don’t think I could possibly have handpicked more amazing clients. This past year has been so full of great people and great projects. I am blessed.