Vintage Art Supplies
September 8, 2011

I spent the afternoon at my grandparents today. My grandma has always been a crafter. When I was little she would sew me dresses. I have quilts that she made and there are lots of paintings and crafty things around my parents house she created. Pretty much all the paints and brushes I’ve ever owned, she gave me. Recently she came to grips with the fact that she probably won’t be doing many crafts in the future and she decided to start going through her bins and bins and bins of art supplies. She saved a bunch of stuff for me to go through to see if I wanted it and I came home with some serious treasures. Most of it completely unopened. I was especially excited about these inks. Their boxes and labels are absolutely beautiful! I’m thankful that my grandma has passed down to me the love of all things crafty. She is an amazingly talented woman.