Hello fancy blog readers and friends. Today is a lovely day and I am excited to welcome you to the new home of Rough Gems. and my new portfolio site. I want to give you a little walk through of all the new things you can enjoy here!


1. Portfolio – My portfolio is all updated, newly organized, categorized, labeled, dated and perfectly described…thanks to the help of Jens Larson, who did all of my copy-writing and editing (he’s a genius). There’s some new projects to check out and I enjoyed photographing some of my favorite album art projects to display as well. There are even some oldies but goodies that you maybe have never seen. So, go ahead…explore!


2. About Me – if you are one of my blog readers, you probably already know plenty. But here’s a more professional rundown of me and what I do. Photo credit to Melanie Brown.


3. Testimonials – In the pursuit of continued professionalism, I asked some of my past and current clients of all types to speak a little bit on their experience working with me as a designer. What I received back was beyond honor and encouragement. I feel so blessed to have worked with such amazing people. Thanks to all of you who submitted!


4. Contributors – Working solo in my little office can be a challenge at times. My desire is to continue to network with other talented people in my area to build a strong team of people that can help my clients get the product they need. These fine folks are people I have worked with and hope to continue to work with on projects. Freelancing often lacks collaboration, so we all have to stay in touch and help push each other back into working as a community. That’s what this section is all about.


5. Free Quote (contact page) – This form isn’t just for design quotes, it’s an easy way you can contact me! I love to hear from you.


6. Store – You might already know that I have an Etsy store now. I love Etsy! Here you can check out some prints and paintings I have for sale. Don’t be afraid to request a print too, I love to turn your favorite blog posts into something nice for your home.


7. Rough Gems. – Now, don’t be afraid…even though I’m not on Blogger anymore, it doesn’t mean that you can’t comment on posts or subscribe using Google Reader. Please don’t hesitate to stay connected because I’m definitely continuing Rough Gems. in the same ol’ fashion. Type Tuesdays, random doodles, guest artists, giveaways and all kinds of fun artsy things.


Well, that’s about it. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy the new site!


– Karli