100th Post GiveAway!
March 14, 2011

Hello everyone! Happy Monday to you all. I’ve been super encouraged by feedback recently from some of you who are enjoying this blog. Thanks for reading and viewing my art…it really is a lot of fun for me to make. Win/win, right?


This post is for you. I want to give back. I will be giving away a gift to three different readers!


Gift #1 – Poster


This gift will be a size 12×18 print of your choice of one of these posters on nice paper.


Gift #2 – Type Print


This gift is an 8×10 print of a type composition. You choose the font from any Type Tuesday post on the blog or any font you can find in thetypography section on my website. You give me what word, quote, or phrase you want and I will put two and two together to make your print! I’ll also email you the digital file.


Gift #3 – Art Print



The last option is a print of your choice from any of my posts with the label “drawing.” Just click on Drawing in the labels section on the sidebar and browse through your choices. You pick and I will send you a 10″ width sized print.

Now, here comes your part. After you have perused your options, add a comment to this post saying which gift you would like and why. You have one week to post your comment. On March 21st I will randomly select the three winners with a number generator. So, I guess if all of you ask for gift three, I will give away three of those. Basically, you will get whichever one you asked for in your comment. Make sense? Cool.

Ready, go!