Introducing Danielle Davis
August 13, 2013

Danielle Davis

I’m happy to introduce my new intern, Danielle Davis! Rachael’s internship with me was a success for both of us…so much so, that I was sad when it ended! When Danielle contacted me, after just a peek at her work, I was sold on doing another internship. She is crazy talented and I’m not convinced she even can learn much from me. But I’m honored she wants to spend some time helping out and learning more about what freelancing is like from the inside. Danielle is a grad from the SFCC design program and now works part time for Union Gospel Mission. She’s excited about doing more freelancing and learning more about custom lettering. I’ve already put her to work on some Collect Spokane projects and some posters for The Bartlett!


Where are you from?

Spokane – born and raised!

What interested you in design when you started?

It seemed so mysterious; I would look at a poster or sign and be fascinated that someone had made it… and I had no idea how! I learned to use some design software through yearbook class in high school and I liked to challenge myself to recreate different designs I’d see… then try to improve on them. I loved that graphic design was more malleable than other art forms; it was so easy to correct mistakes, manipulate designs and rearrange things with the click of a mouse.

You make pottery, what inspires you about working in other art mediums? Is this reflected in your design?

It’s easy for me to disconnect digital design from the literal world, and working with other artistic mediums helps me close that gap. Making pottery is especially tangible and requires a lot of patience and stoicism. When throwing a pot, you have to be decisive and unmoving, allowing the clay to form itself around you while you stay still. I think that does reflect in my design; I love morphing letters and shapes around each other, creating a solid focus and kind of letting the rest of the design flow around it.
Conqueror Slab

What is your current favorite font?

Hmmm… tricky! Right now I really like AW Conqueror Slab; I used it on my wedding invitations.

What is an aspect of graphic design that gets you the most excited?

I looooooove typography, and the fact that twenty-six forms can be used in so many unique ways to communicate not only thoughts and ideas but also emotions and moods. Hand-drawn typography in particular is so personal and emotive. That’s one of the things that really drew me to you (no pun intended). You have such a firm grasp of hand-drawn type and an ability to make beautiful things out of it that serve a purpose and make an impression.

What do you love about working at UGM?

So many things! I love using the talents I’ve been blessed with to promote a cause that I feel strongly about. I love the look people get on their faces when I say that I work as a graphic designer for a non-profit ministry to the homeless. It’s a great example of how many random, weird little niches are available to people who want to pursue their passions while serving a cause. The free food is a nice perk too.

What’s your favorite color?

It’s a kind of dusty light aqua-ish color.

What do you hope to learn from interning with me?

Again, so many things! I admire your work so much, and the way you seem to put your personality into each piece. I’d love to learn more about developing a more me-specific design style. I’d also like to learn more about how you’ve been able to connect with and become involved in the local community, and use your design talents to contribute to projects you believe in. On a more minor note, gaining knowledge about the logistical side of freelancing and how you handle clients and projects is another great benefit that I hope to gain from this internship.
Another thing we are going to have to work on is getting Danielle on the internet…currently she doesn’t have an online portfolio so you’ll have to stay tuned to see some of her work.