The Hoods
August 13, 2012

I’m super excited to finally announce a project I’ve been putting together with some local designers. We decided to create an art show that was Spokane-centric. Something that celebrates our community and allowed us to use our skills to promote some of our city’s great qualities. After quite a bit of brainstorming we came up with The Hoods. An art show of branding pieces based on Spokane neighborhoods. There will be logos, posters, photographs, illustrations and maps. Each designer involved has a fairly different style and each neighborhood definitely has it’s own unique traits. So, the outcome surely will be a diverse and exciting plethora of pieces. It’s been really fun to work on the promo materials for the show and we will be working hard to get the word out. If this first show goes well we would like to plan future shows and expand the amount of work and the number of neighborhoods featured. So, if your neighborhood isn’t included in this first round, hopefully you will see it pop up as we go along.


We would appreciate any support with promoting our first show. If you feel so inclined, tell your friends, forward the link to our website or RSVP to our facebook event. The show is fun for us to put together but it’s also for our community. The more people in the community that get to experience it, the better!
In addition to the below details, we will be selling some prints at the show and probably mid way through the month will put prints online for sale as well. The show will be up for the whole month of September, so there’s lots of time to stop by for a visit.