Art, film, baking.
June 6, 2011

This weekend I attended Tiffany Patterson’s art show opening at the Kolva Sullivan Gallery. You might know Tiffany by her unique artwork around Spokane (The Empyrean, The Inlander, etc.) Or perhaps you remember her lovely Type Tuesday Edition! She was my very first guest artist.

I am a huge fan of her art and was so excited to see her new work…and let me tell you, the show is fabulous! It’s a narrative art show of screen-printed posters. Here’s a few snaps of the show and the lovely print I purchased for only $35!! Isn’t it a perfect print to go by the front door?



Be sure to stop by her show, the address is115 South Adams St. Support local art!!

In other Tiffany Patterson news, she was part of a film festival that featured one of my songs as material for the contest. Her team was assigned my song along with several other teams and the entries were finally publicly released on the internet today. You can watch all of them here. Some are not so awesome and others are fabulous! It was really wonderful for me to see the different ways my song could be interpreted. I wrote the song about the challenge of letting relationships get numb and sleepy. It’s about waking up and changing your attitude. I was certainly moved to see that some of the film-makers really ran with that concept.

These are two of the films, the first one is from Tiffany’s team and another was from one of my fellow design classmates from college, Sean Finley. Sean is super talented at a lot of things, and I thought his film was beautifully put together. Amazing job to all of the people who did this contest! Vote here.

I would also like to add that this is an awesome contest that happens each year. It’s wonderful to see more local film stuff happening. I know there are people around Spokane that are super talented at working with film, but rarely are different artforms mixed locally. I’m constantly seeing bands/artists/filmakers team up in Seattle and other big cities to make beautiful work and get each others art out there and there is no reason we shouldn’t be doing the same here in Spokane! Here’s to doing more projects together.

On another note, I had a baking extravaganza this weekend. I hosted a little bachelorette party for a friend who is about to get married and I really went for it and baked all day saturday. I made S’more tartlets and Petit Fours. The tartlets were fabulous and not too difficult to make. The petit fours on the other hand…holy smokes. I’ve never really made any kind of cake before and boy is it a totally different ball game. So many ways you can screw things up. They were still tasty but my butter cream was runny and the liquid fondant was extremely difficult to work with. All leading to them not looking as good as I had hoped. Here’s a few photos of the lovelies.


Throw in elkfest and sushi and that was a great weekend! Now time to get back to work.

edited on June 7th, 2011