Best Of
March 22, 2012

Just wanted to show some gratitude to all of my blog readers! Whether you guys voted for me or not, you are the reason I keep this blog up. It’s fun for me too, but I love that other people enjoy reading and checking out what I’ve been up to with art and design. I was super excited to find out this morning that I had enough votes in the Inlander’s Best of Poll to receive 3rd place in the Best Visual Artist category! It is such an honor especially because Tiffany Patterson and Ben Joyce are such phenomenal artists and of a totally different craft than me. I imagine this is the first time a designer has ever been in the top three of this poll and it feels really awesome! I love that I am able make designs to help businesses market themselves but that I can also branch over into the creative, artistic side of my field. This blog has been the main thing that inspires me to do that.



My band, Cathedral Pearls also received quite a few votes and although we didn’t place in the top three we got a little write up along with a couple other awesome local bands.


A lot of people, myself included complain about how it’s hard to be an artist in this area, which sometimes it is. We don’t have an overwhelming amount of cool venues, hip art events or hip things in general. But it’s moments like this when I realize how many amazing people there are in this city that support me and my artistic endeavors. A lot of them are my friends and family, but some are just people who like to support art and music. So, as I sit here in my tiny home office and I raise my coffee mug to you guys! Please don’t stop loving Spokane and loving it’s artists. We need you!


And Congrats, Tiffany!! I voted for you. 🙂