April 25, 2011


I love books. Real, paper books. Hard cover, paper back, journals, kids books, picture books, tiny books, encyclopedias. I think I love books even more than I love reading! As books slowly die because of new technology, I grow sad. I see the appeal of kindles and e-books, but the road we are heading down is one full of things that have no physical tangibility. And physical touch is one of our God-given senses. All this internet stuff draws us away from that sense. Alas, here I am…blogging.


I even love my new Wacom tablet, but nothing compares to the real medium of pen and paper or paint and canvas. Will people hold on to the real stuff? Is it a fad or will print really die? I’m finding more an more in my work that print projects are few and far between. More people want websites or blog designs. Even musicians just want digital album covers. Thoughts? Anyone planning on reading a real book today?