Coffee and James Blake
May 23, 2011

This past weekend we travelled down to Portland with our friends Keaton and Kristen to see James Blake perform at the Doug Fir. The concert was fabulous and the whole weekend was great. Unfortunately, I think my ancient Digital SLR is finally about to throw in the towel. It takes pictures fine, but when I try to download them to my computer over half of the files are corrupt and can’t be opened. So, I took a ton of pictures, but only ended up with a few that I could open. 🙁



Here we all are at my favorite pizza place…ever. Dove Vivi. They make their crust with a corn-meal base and it is so delicious.


This is the only picture I rescued of James Blake. He is fantastic live and his voice is impeccable. He was also very cute and seemed genuinely thrilled at the sold out crowd that was so excited to hear him play. Always nice to catch musicians before they get all entitled and arrogant.

The rest of the weekend we spent mostly at coffee shops because Keaton is slightly obsessed with coffee…and well, Portland has a lot of coffee shops. Here’s a couple snaps from my phone of some interesting places we went.

This was at my favorite place we went. It’s called Coava and their shop is full of beautifully handcrafted Bamboo woodwork. The coffee was probably my favorite of all the stops as well.



This coffee shop is called Barista…creative, I know right? It seems like Portland coffee shops are really into the simple names lately. Fads are truly funny. This crazy contraption is called a siphon…I actually didn’t care much for the coffee that came out of it. But the process is interesting to watch. Yay coffee!

I so wish I had more pictures because Portland is so green and full of beauty right now. We really enjoyed being there. Hope everyone had a great weekend as well!