Trip to the Bay: Funkytown
January 25, 2012

Ok, so my final post about this San Fran trip is kind of a mish mash of the photos I had left over. I want to note couple in particular that really said “funky” in a way that only San Fran can.


This shop was especially weird. Lots of weird planters hung with yarn and macramé, a little sleepy dog sitting on the counter and the aloof messy-haired-red-lipped attendant on her macbook sitting in front of a wall of strange photos.


This shop was in the Mission and it was full of vintage and hand-crafted glasses frames. They had some really lovely, unique wooden frames and plenty of cases of ones like this.

And of course this fabulous alley art gallery that I always try to visit when I’m in the area. Here’s Natalie, Jeff, Caleb and I in some silly photos.




I don’t know that this place even needs much explaining. It was just crazy.

I’ve always loved the townhouses.


There you have it! My trip summed up. Can’t wait to go back in April for the Typo conference!