Considering it’s International Women’s Day I thought I would share some fantastic female illustrators, typographers and designers I have discovered via dribbble. The design industry is definitely male dominated and I have very few female colleagues so it’s nice to discover and connect with like-minded ladies thanks to the internet. I also want to celebrate and encourage other women in this field because I sure know it can be hard at times and I imagine other people have had similar experiences. Encourage a lady in your life today…especially if you are one!

Alyssa Nassner
I love the color block style of Alyssa’s illustrations. Less line and more shape is something that inspires me!



Mary Kate McDevitt
Mary has one of the most unique and well-defined styles out there in the freelance world right now. I love how fresh and full of life her work is.


Claire Coullon
I am new to discovering Claire’s work and it has been very refreshing. She provides a very simple, restrained approach to type that is all her own. I love how smooth and careful her lines are.



Missy Austin
I discovered Missy Austin first on when I fell in love with the font she designed called Nelma. The rest of her work also does not disappoint.




Roxanne Daner
Again, I discovered Roxanne’s work on Dribbble and I am in love with her illustration style. So much character and story in each drawing.