Spokane Stuff
June 18, 2012

There’s some pretty exciting things happening right now in Spokane. They are all just up and coming but I’m excited to see how these projects unfold and act as facilitators to a better, more vibrant art scene.

Spokane Doesn’t Suck

My friend D.O. has been running this blog for a while now and asked me to participate a few weeks ago. He basically just posts about awesome things happening in Spokane and has recently started doing interviews with folks who really love the city. It’s cool to hear what other people have to say about why they love Spokane and of course I was super happy to join in with my affection…because I’m sure you know, I really love Spokane. (click here and scroll down a bit to see my interview)

Commonspace Arts

I was recently approached by another friend of mine, Nick Dotson about designing a logo for a new project he was starting. Nick is in a great local band, House of Ghosts and he is a part of a community that has a real heart for encouraging local arts. Commonspace Arts will be a space downtown where artists can become members and get 24hr access to a workspace with a fully functional office type set up. A bit more unconventional than the typical office-space-for-rent and perfect for young freelancers of all mediums. I’m really excited about this and see it as an opportunity for freelancers and artists to network, collaborate and find support. Not to mention have somewhere to work away from home that is affordable.

I’m super excited to share some of my logo ideas for this project. You can check out my dribbble for a couple of initial ideas.



I shared a while back about some of my resolutions as a business and as a creative. Starting some kind of a collective or design club was one of those things. This “collective” has been calling itself Timber and has been a small group of local designers. It has been a great opportunity to rub shoulders with other creative people and brainstorm some collaborative projects but so far it hasn’t been much more than a lunch club. Although, we do have one specific project brewing that has formed into an official art show that will be up at Bon Bon during the month of september. More on that later.


In our recent conversations we’ve been discussing the idea of opening up the group to some other mediums and other artists. Things are forming and developing and I will definitely be sharing more on that in the future. Hopefully some of you might even be interested in joining us!


That’s about it for now…really just a bit of a tease, but I want to start getting the word out about this stuff because it’s going to be really wonderful!