Usually when Caleb and I travel it’s for 1-3 things: to visit friends, see a band we love or go to cool restaurants/bars/cafes. This trip included all three! We went mainly to visit a couple friends of ours who I went to high school with. They are very special to me and have been living in the Bay area for a couple of years. I always wish I could have more time with them, so I thought it was definitely time to go for a visit. It just so happened that one of our favorite bands was playing in San Francisco, so we just so happened to buy tickets. And, of course…there is plenty of rad places to eat, drink and get coffee, so we filled our schedule with stops. Here is a smattering of places we went, there was quite a wide range of styles. The Bay is never shy of diversity when it comes to style.



The art we encountered along the way was also very inspiring. I was quite fond of all of the abstract, collage-type styles with scribbly lines.



And of course, the Walkmen, the band we went to see were amazing.




These jewelry cases were at a little shop near the beach. We saw this same style of gem-like creations at a couple different places and thought it might be the same craftsmen.