type tuesday: sailor man
February 8, 2011

So, I’ve decided to start a weekly blog feature. It’s called type tuesday! If you are anything like me…you love letters. I love letters. To me, they are each a picture made up of shapes and lines. There’s endless potential in each letter to become it’s own story or even let a story inhabit it. Since design school I have struggled with the tedium and technicality of systematized fonts, so I started drawing my own. It always felt like an escape to a dream world where there is no stipulations. This was all before hand-drawn type was as super popular as it is now and my professors thought I was a little crazy. Turns out there was other designers like me who were starting to see letters as pictures too. Now there are so many excellent designers and artists using hand-drawn letters as a part of their art. I’m often overwhelmed by some of the amazing fonting that I see on the internet nowadays! But alas, I will not let it stop me from trying my own hand. Because it’s what I really love to do.

Here’s the first installment of my Type Tuesday’s! I present the all-caps version of Sailor Man, along with it’s little red-bearded piratey mascot.